Our team

At Heli Explore, you can count on a core team of efficient and multi-talented pilots who adapt to your needs to find safe solutions while reducing costs. They optimize every transport to allow you to better do your work and to stay within your budget.

Stéphane Noël

President and chief of operations

  • 819 333-4354
  • s.noel@heliexplore.ca

Pascal Vivier

Chief pilot

  • 819 333-4354
  • p.vivier@heliexplore.ca

Joël Carignan Rivard

Maintenance director

  • 819 333-4354
  • maintenance@heliexplore.ca

Lucie Julien

Administrative assistant

  • 819 333-4354
  • l.julien@heliexplore.ca

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