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Located in North-western Quebec, Heli Explore carries out all types of heliborne operations. For exploration, evacuation, inspection or surveying operations, Heli Explore is at your service!

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Our aircraft

No matter where you want to go, we have a helicopter and pilot to take you there. Our two models of helicopters are fully equipped to ensure the safety and comfort of 5 or 6 passengers. They offer three hours of autonomy and a cruising speed of 120 mph.

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At Heli Explore, safety is our priority. Our experienced pilots optimise every trip to ensure comfortable, safe transport, even to hard-to-reach areas.

Our solutions

Mining exploration

Fire fight

Forest and wildlife management

Patrol of high voltage lines

Inspection dikes and dams

Medical evacuation

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Our team is ready to offer the services, logistics and support required for your project’s success. No matter the transportation challenge, we find effective and optimal solutions.

Ready for take-off

Maximize your deadlines and your budgets thanks to exceptional service on which you can always rely, wherever you may be.

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