Your reliable helicopter service in Canada

Located in northwestern Quebec, Heli Explore performs all types of helicopter work.


Our fleet consists of four aircraft: two Astar 350BA+, one Astar 350B2 (Soloy) and one Astar 350FX2

Characteristics of the Astar 350BA+ :

  • Passengers: 5 (or 6)
  • Cruising speed: 130 mph
  • Range: 3 heures
  • Fuel consumption: 155 l/h
  • Empty weight: 2800 lb
  • Internal gross weight: 2161 lb *
  • External gross weight: 2161 lb *

Characteristics of the Astar 350B2 (Soloy):

  • Passengers: 5 (or 6)
  • Cruising speed: 130 mph
  • Range: 3 heures
  • Fuel consumption: 170 l/h
  • Empty weight: 2800 lb
  • Internal gross weight: 2161 lb *
  • External gross weight: 2712 lb *

* Does not include weight of pilot and fuel

Equipment included in our aicraft:

  • Satellite phone
  • Iridium tracking system
  • External cargo basket
  • Two GPS devices in each aircraft, one is portable
  • Stretcher for medical evacuation
  • Electrical and non-electrical longlines
  • 12 volts outlet
  • Two VHF and one FM radios
  • Love Seat that can be installed beside the pilot's seat to add a passenger
  • Additional  Lycoming engine available for replacement to avoid loss of flight time in case of a component failure


Expertise in mining exploration; remote and northern regions; forest fire-fighting; forest and wildlife stewardship; line patrol; hydroelectric dyke and dam inspection.


Our team is dedicated to offer you the services, logistics and support necessary for smooth implementation of your project.


Get the most out of your time and your budget, thanks to a service you can rely on at all times, right where you are.